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STOP Injustice, abuse and violations done by Virginia Key Beach Park Trust. They have notify us of a non-renewal and termination of our use agreement, by breaching our contract under false reasons and to cover for their mistakes and greed. 1-The Trust does not want water-sports for safety reasons, while they are putting a (RFP) bid for a new water-sports concession and a swimming area in a « non swimming zone ». 2-The trust does not want overnight camping, cause we would be in direct competition with the park; their master plan includes a camping site that will be managed by the Sierra Club (big business, big Money). 3-The Trust want to get ride of a building that was build with the Park authorization with no city permit or approval, located where an agreement has been made with the City of Miami as a temporary access and parking for the boat show. I know your time is precious, but please kindly read and if you feel somehow an injustice has been committed and/or you enjoyed our facility, please fill the petition and help us fight for our rights. I ‘am a divorce women of 50 years old, rebuilding after so many years, with 2 young children 8 & 11 and a 24 years old son, that is now out of a job… and believe me, you wouldn’t want to see your son in this position, cause nor day finding work is not that easy! But nevertheless it’s a honest family that was throw on the street with a 15 days to vacate the premises, with nearly nothing in their hand, since we have invested all our money, heart & soul to that business, we have worked for the past 15 months to promote Virginia Key Water-sports but essentially Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, unknown for most of our customers for which we got promoted “Best beach” in June of 2015 by the Miami New times, with reference to our activities. The board, Director and Park, by breaching our agreement has unjustly enriched the Park and organization to our expense, we have brought thousand of people to their park either via Groupon, Living social, Amazon or regular business… Customers that never knew of Historic Virginia Key Park’s existence for which we have gotten very little monetary gain for expended work & use of our equipment. And yet more than $5000 in monetary value is to be reimbursed to those Customers that has never redeemed their vouchers or prepaid for services. And yet to move our equipment and vacate the premises, has a cost of thousand of dollars, that I do not have, since every penny were re-invested to create /manage this business. I believe significant damages have occurred as a direct result of the park wrongful and amoral behavior, covering for their errors and their baseless reasons have damage my trust my business and my family. They are clearly in violation of our agreement and my rights, According to the city of Miami on the choosing of a Executive Director or the Trust : He shall be a person of good moral and have an excellent reputation of Integrity, responsibility, … Well … No Offense! THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Many things in this Park are in total disregard of codes and provisions of the City of Miami and more… I wrote to the city, hoping they would understand that Honest citizens should not been buried that way, letting Power people destroy everything to hide errors that have been committed to the City and myself. I’m still waiting for an answer. I have no choice than to sue Virginia Key Beach Park Trust and The City of Miami. So if you can help, we will be very glad. Don’t forget to fill the petition. Thank You